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  1. Sri

    I’ve updated my Iphone 3G (last resvoiin) with iOS 4.2.1. Agreed, the OS is much slower then iOS 3.0.x. However, it also solved some important issues for me. One of the things is remembering login settings in Safari. I have the possibility to log-in into so called WiFi Hotspots. With iOS 4.1.0 for some reason Safari did not remember the username and password for the hotspot. Even after deleting cache etc. it wouldn’t save my login, no matter how often I choose save settings for this website . With 4.2.1. however, this is solved. Okay, I get a slightly slower iPhone but all I do is call and sometimes write SMS-messages. Since the audio-quality of it’s iPod function is craptastic, I have a seperate MP3 player for sound and a digital camera for photo’s. Maybe it’s just time to get a newer iPhone



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